Make Work a Purpose, Not Just a Place


When Amy Wrzesniewski studied workers on the cleaning staff in a hospital system, she was amazed by how differently people viewed the same job. Some workers saw their job as a…

Teamwork as Perpetual Reciprocal Helping


Teamwork and team building are increasingly seen as crucial to organizational performance, whether we are talking about a business, an athletic competition, a family, or just two…

Teams: Chemistry, Passion and Grit


Getting team chemistry right is essential to high performance. But that’s not news, so let’s get to the hard part. How can you tell if someone will make a good team member? The…

Making Shift Happen


A colleague of mine manages a high-tech team. She was lamenting an experience trying to motivate a team member, who often works from home. The team was growing, office space was…

Image-Become Your Own Successor

Become Your Own Successor


Where do you see yourself at 95? That is not an unreasonable question these days. Peter Drucker lived until eight days before his 96th birthday, in 2005, and he was productive…

The Leader As Strategist


Leaders are good strategists and planners. Again, what I’ve found in working with successful men and women in business is that they’re very, very good planners. They have taken…

Inclusion on the Front Lines


 Why do so many front-line people start their jobs energized and eager to contribute, only to wind up with chronic job frustration?If you listen to front-line team members…

The Art of Influence Without Manipulation


 It’s Tuesday morning, and Dan is running a little late for his annual physical. He’s been seeing his doctor on a yearly basis for over a decade. As he puts the key in the…

Committing to Change


 It all begins with trust. Nothing else really matters, nor will any other tactics that are taught really matter, if there isn’t trust. Can the art of creating trust be…

Developing the Attitude of Humble Inquiry


When conversations go wrong, when our best advice is ignored, when we get upset with the advice that others give us, when our subordinates fail to tell us things that would…


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