Vacation destination for cats


Cats lucky enough to have owners with large bank accounts can now travel to Hertfordshire and other locations in England to enjoy a pampered existence at a Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel while their human owners explore other destinations. Each cat enjoys its own bedroom and exercise area in a themed chalet. Choices include the Daisy Suite, Savanna Suite, Poppy Suite, and three others.

Since cats need more than sleeping quarters, Oddity Central reports that the hotel provides high-end meals such as poached salmon, tiger prawns and steamed white fish. All meals are served on silver platters and bone china plates. Feline patrons also drink oxygenated water from porcelain fountains.

The hotel features a Grooming Pamper Package that offers various massages and treatments for the eyes and ears of guests whose owners want the extra care. In addition, patrons enjoy a variety of Jazz and classical music pieces to ensure that they don’t get bored with repetitive sounds. The hotel owners, Abi and Matt Purser, are even getting ready to install a machine that blows catnip flavored bubbles to keep the cats active.

The Pursers opened the first of the Longcroft Hotels in 2010 to offer quality cat care to people who were traveling for one reason or another. It was such a success that there are now a number of franchised hotels available to cat owners in London and the South East, according to the hotel website,