Shocking underwear!

Three young engineers at SRM University in Chennai, India, have taken on the country’s rape problem by inventing lingerie that delivers a 3,800,000-volt shock when sensors detect pressure. Manisha Mohan, one of the creators, told The Times of India that “a person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated.”

Called Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE), the undergarments carry a circuit board with a shield that protects the wearer. In addition to the sensors, it contains a GPS system that can alert police and/or parents of the attack and its location.

The young innovators are currently testing a variety of fabrics that will allow the owners to wash the garment. They believe the issue will be resolved in a short time, allowing them to begin production within a few weeks. It is not yet clear how much the item will cost.

The student engineers–two females and one male–were inspired to come up with some new form of protection for women on the heels of the national outrage over the gang rapes of two women in Delhi and Bangalore. These vicious rapes combined with reports of two incidents where female tourists were sexually assaulted have actually affected tourism. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in New Delhi announced that a recent survey indicated that the number of foreigners traveling to India had dropped by 25 percent in the last three months.