Leading Strategy

Unusually Excellent leaders appreciate the power of a plan. They realize that even the best athletes need a playbook, a game plan, or a pre-shot routine to ensure that their talent shows up on the field. Surgeons, pilots, lawyers, practitioners of any profession where the work is complex always have a plan–even if the task is something they’ve done hundreds of times before.

The Greatest Teacher: A Lesson for Leaders in Relationship Management


My client’s stock price is treading water, going nowhere, like a sailboat in the doldrums. Without a rising stock price, the options owned by the company’s senior management are worthless. They are, in the worst case, susceptible to a hostile raider.

The company hires us to figure out why this is happening and to suggest remedial strategies. They are committed to getting to the bottom of things.

We put our best team of analysts on the case. We even seek the collaboration of a brilliant finance professor at the London Business School.

How to Resolve Conflicts with Dignity

by Donna Hicks

Dignity is a missing link in our understanding of how to resolve conflict. The role it plays in the breakdown of relationships cannot be overstated. Being treated with dignity is something every human being yearns for; yet knowing how to honor and recognize it in ourselves and others does not come naturally. What appears to come naturally is our ability to do harm to one another. While we all enter the world with inborn dignity, it is our responsibility to learn how to act like it.

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