Inspired by pigeon poo

Frances Wadsworth-Jones, a young English jewelry-maker, has created “Heaven Sent,” a collection of brooches inspired by pigeon droppings. She replicated a variety of “splatters” with hundreds of jewels including black diamonds, sapphires and tourmaline that sell for $4,125 and more. The artist says, “You definitely need a sense of humor to wear one.” She has, in fact, found quite a few buyers with just the right kind of humor, especially in the Netherlands.

Wadsworth-Jones likes to find beauty in unexpected places and became intrigued with the shapes of pigeon droppings. According to the BBC News, she played off the idea that being hit with pigeon poo is “lucky,” so she tried to make something beautiful out of the experience. Needless to say, her research includes hundreds of pictures of droppings.

The one-of-a-kind brooches are being showcased at the Museum of London in the Made in London exhibit along with the work of several other current artists.The exhibit’s co-curator Beatrice Behlan compared Wadsworth-Jones’s style to Salvador Dali’s “Surrealist” quality. She notes, however, that “I can’t think of anyone who does jewelry quite like her.”