Great Chinese food in the toilet

Eating meals in a toilet has become rather fashionable in Taipei, Taiwan. Of course, the unappetizing sounding location is actually a bathroom-themed restaurant called The Modern Toilet, established in 2004 by former banker Wang Zi-Wei. According to CNBC’s Daily Finance, he began by selling poop-shaped, chocolate ice cream in containers that looked like little squat toilets, and customers found it so entertaining that he expanded the menu to full-fledged meals.

The restaurant décor includes tiled walls decorated with shower heads, glass-covered bathroom sinks as tables, fancy Western style toilets for chairs and toilet roll dispensers on the wall. Feces-shaped lights hang from the ceiling. Entrees are served in appropriately sized toilet bowls or bathtubs and drinks in mock urinals. Even the names of dishes on the menu have the “potty” theme.

Zi-Wei says that the unconventional restaurant idea came to him when he read the Japanese manga series Dr. Slump. Published in the 1980s, it was well known for its potty humor. His fascination with the Dr. Slump narratives has paid off since the eatery has become so popular that he now has 12 restaurants in Taiwan and one in Hong Kong.