employee communication

Set Policy Without Rules

IMAGINE CONDUCTING this experiment. Put five monkeys in a cage with a bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling. Underneath the ba­nanas, place a ladder just tall enough to reach them. Then any time one of the monkeys tries to climb the ladder, spray the entire cage with cold water. Quickly, the monkeys will learn to avoid the ladder and abandon their quest for the bananas.

Entering the Blogosphere

Harness the Web log to benefit your organization.

The blog–short for “Web log,” a kind of online diary–has exploded on the Internet in the last 18 months. According to one recent study, eight percent of Internet users are writing blogs and 39 percent read them. Three types of Web logs have an impact on the workplace: externally-facing organizational blogs, internally-facing organizational blogs and personal blogs. Yes, what people write on their personal blogs can have an impact on the office–but more on that later.

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