Our Core Values

  • # 1

    Servant Leadership

    Taking personal responsibility for one’s actions and attitudes, and demonstrating genuine concern for the needs of others
  • # 2

    Service and Supports

    Interacting with, providing treatments for, guiding, and respecting the people served by the agency, based on mutually agreed upon standards and best clinical practices
  • # 3

    Honest and Open Commuication

    Listening to others and sharing pertinent information clearly with no hidden agendas
  • # 4

    Discretionary Effort

    Giving above and beyond what one’s job requires
  • # 5

    Personal Growth

    Developing oneself through reading, training and participating in a variety of learning experiences
  • # 6

    Thinking ahead, following through

    Anticipating the future by planning one’s actions and then completing the tasks required to bring about results
  • # 7


    Choosing to cooperate with other people for the good of the organization
  • # 8


    Caring for and using all the organization’s resources wisely
  • # 9

    Outcome Achievement

    Monitoring and assessing organizational accomplishments consistently
  • # 10

    Continuous Improvement

    Committing to consistent improvement in relationships, cost management and the discovery and application of the best, most promising practices in the organization