Beauty slaps for sale

San Francisco’s business district now boasts the country’s first massage parlor that offers traditional Thai, face-slapping beauty treatments. Owned by Mawin Sombuntham and his wife Rassameesaitarn Wongsirodkul, Tata Massage gives customers the option of “removing” or lessening wrinkles with a 15- to 20-minute regime of precision slaps.

Rassameesaitarn, aka Tata, trained in Thailand with a professional face slapper and states that the procedure is “one million percent safe.” According to ABC news, Tata dons a hat adorned with plastic flowers and moves around the client to Thai pop music, delivering a few quick blows. She then pinches the client’s cheeks and slaps him/her a few more times.

Tata’s husband claims that the effects of one treatment can last up to six months, but customers opting for several sessions get results that last up to a year. The salon charges $350 per treatment, but one can save a little by paying $1,000 for the four-session bundle.