Top 7 Marketing Tricks to Boost Your Business During the Recession


Throughout this economic downturn, “helpful” articles and “experts” are suggesting that now is the time to increase marketing and advertising spending because your competitors are…

Four Things That Business Can Learn From Nonprofits About Inspiring Customers


When you hear many of today’s corporate promises and slogans, you would think they belonged to nonprofit organizations. A few of my favorites are: To inspire and nurture the…

The Introvert As a Leader


Reprinted from The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler © 2009 by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler (Berrett-Koehler). As a consultant on-site for a…

Cultivating Excellence Through the Power of Choice


Leaders are defined almost solely by what they do. What they know, how they think, what they believe, how they view the world–these are indispensable elements of the core identity…

Developing Your Core Competencies


Reprinted from Living In More Than One World by Bruce Rosenstein © 2009 by Bruce Rosenstein    (Berrett-Koehler). Leadership. . .rests on core competencies that meld…

Creating Accountability with Constructive Feedback


Reprinted from The Hundred Percenters: Challenge Your Employees to Give It Their All by Mark Murphy © 2009 by Mark Murphy (McGraw-Hill Companies, Most people…

Why Managers Should Care About Employee Loyalty


Happy employees make for happy customers. This maxim is so ubiquitous as to be cliché. Intuitively, we believe this to be true. And viscerally, we want this to be true because it…

Learn From Your Mistakes


Reprinted from Celebrating Failure: The Power of Taking Risks, Making Mistakes and Thinking Big by Ralph Heath 9c) 2009 by Ralph Heath (Career Press, you…

Enhancing Workplace Communication With Language and Culture Training


With the current economic climate challenging many companies to find new ways to maximize productivity, providing their workforce with language training is not often at the top of…


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