Customer Service

The Greatest Teacher: A Lesson for Leaders in Relationship Management


My client’s stock price is treading water, going nowhere, like a sailboat in the doldrums. Without a rising stock price, the options owned by the company’s senior management are worthless. They are, in the worst case, susceptible to a hostile raider.

The company hires us to figure out why this is happening and to suggest remedial strategies. They are committed to getting to the bottom of things.

We put our best team of analysts on the case. We even seek the collaboration of a brilliant finance professor at the London Business School.

Four Things That Business Can Learn From Nonprofits About Inspiring Customers

When you hear many of today’s corporate promises and slogans, you would think they belonged to nonprofit organizations. A few of my favorites are: 

To inspire and nurture the human spirit –Starbucks

Your potential, our passion –Microsoft

To improve the lives of the world’s consumers–now and for generations to come –Proctor and Gamble

To contribute to the overall health and wellness of our world –Pfizer

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